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The rooms are located on the second floor of an apartment building on the Torregaveta seafront (Bacoli).

Just cross the street to feel the sand between your toes and dive into the sea!

The area is very quiet and convenient to all the main services with short and pleasant trips on foot. Bars, pizzerias, restaurants, sandwich shops, rotisseries, grocery stores, ice cream parlors and bakeries are located a few steps from the building, in general, during the summer, the localities of the area offer a rich calendar of tourist, cultural and sporting events as well as tasty appointments food and wine.

Also in a few meters there are the main night clubs in the area.


City, located in the Phlegraean peninsula, is of volcanic origin, with the presence of an alignment of 7 volcanoes, 3 remote and 4 more recent, partially eroded by the sea and the wind. Furthermore, in its territory there is Lake Miseno , which is actually a lagoon, one of its wonders together with another body of water, that of Fusaro. Here there are also the thermal springs of Baia, subject to phenomena of bradyseism (the ground lowers and rises periodically).

The climate is Mediterranean, generally mild, short and relatively rainy winters, hot summers. At the time of the Greeks, around the sixth century BC, the future Bacoli was a military base, adapted for this purpose by the Romans who made it flourish, making it a holiday resort for the powerful of the time, who had luxurious villas built among marble and mosaics , exploiting the therapeutic power of the waters.

Pozzuoli and the Phlegraean Fields,

The largest municipality of the Phlegraean Fields is a treasure chest with a very beautiful seventeenth-century historic center and some of the most important Roman monuments in Europe.

The Flavian Amphitheater, the fourth largest in Italy; the Temple of Serapis, the Lake of Avernus, which Virgil indicated in the Aeneid as the gateway to Hell.

The Acropolis of Cuma, where the Greeks landed before founding Pozzuoli and then Naples and where the Cumaean Sibyl foresaw the future and where Aeneas would also descend.

Pozzuoli is also known for the singular phenomenon of Bradyseism, the volcanic activity which, based on the pressure exerted by underground gases, increases and decreases the height of the city above sea level. This led, in 1970, to the evacuation of the ancient Rione Terra, now reopening.

One of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Italy.


La casina Vanvitelliana

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